Custom Essential Oil Blend Roll-on

Self Care is of the utmost importance in living a balanced life and lifestyle.  Different essential oils produce various results when utilized on the body or in the air as they are taken into the limbic system through the act of breathing.  This induced chemical reaction can take a person from manic to calm, from depressed to content and so many other variations.  Contact me if you seriously want to have a subtle reinforcement of the positive attributes that you would like to enhance and maintain for your physical and psychological health as well as improvement of your quality of life.  Price varies depending on what oils are necessary to prepare your special blend made especially for you.
Product 1

Mugwort (dried)

We procure the highest quality herbs we can find locally; and, we make it easy for you to have what you need on-hand.

Reiki embued.   One (1) Ounce. 

Mugwort (dried) 1 ounce