Relax, Rest, Restore in our dedicated Reiki Room

Reiki benefits many in the following ways:

  • Aids better sleep
  • Creates deep relaxation and helps the body release stress and tension

Compliments medical treatment & other therapies:

  • Accelerates the body’s self-healing ability as you start to return to your natural state
  • Helps relieve pain & supports the physical body healing
  • Assists the body in cleansing itself from toxins & supports the immune system
Helps Spiritual Growth & Emotional Healing:
  • Dissolves energy blocks & promotes natural balance between mind, body & spirit
  • Clears the mind & improves focus as you feel grounded & centered
  • Promotes Harmony & Balance

Reiki Power Nap

A wonderful way to shed the work day stress, strain and maybe even the 'blues.' Our Reiki Power Nap gives you all the benefits of 25 continuous minutes of Reiki followed by 20 minutes of Power Napping utilizing the Reiki talents of one Reiki Practitioner.  What a steal at $20 per session!

Reiki Relaxation

Completely unwind and reap the full benefits Reiki has to offer.  This service offers relaxation, rejuvenation and restoration.  Utilizing the Reiki talents of one Practitioner, you will receive a full 45 minutes of Reiki which will allow your body to unwind and reset energetically.  Keep in mind that disease states of the body begin with the ingredient of stress.  Reduction of stress greatly improves your opportunities for positive physical health.  Currently, we have the special price of $40 which gives a 50% discount to pamper yourself and keep yourself in a more positive state of being.

Double Reiki

Are you struggling with stress coming from every direction?  Do you find that at times you just do not feel well or a little off your norm?  When was the last time you felt energetic and full of vitality?  If you answered yes and you can't remember the last time you felt full of vim and vigor, then, it may be your body telling you to slow down and reset.  This Reiki service offers the talents of two Reiki Practitioners working together for 90 minutes to bring rejuvenation to you and improve your quality of life.  Currently, we have the special price of $80 and waive the cost of the special knowledge and skills set for this particular mind and body rejuvenating session.  

What our customers are saying

I was not a believer and had never tried Reiki before.  Now, I know the relaxation and restoration benefits of a Reiki session.  I slept the whole night through for the first time in years after my first session.  Reiki improved my sleep, which reduced my stress and anxiety during the day.  

Jayne -  Los Alamos Resident

Service Prices

Compare the our service packages and find the best fit for you.

Reiki Nap


Per Session

Best for those in need of a boost in their day

1 hr session

1 Reiki Practioner

25 Minutes of Reiki

20 Minute Reiki Nap
Reiki Relaxation


Per Session

Best for Recovery from effects of poor self care

1 hr session

1 Reiki Practioner

45 minutes of Reiki


Double Reiki


Per Session
Best for aiding in the reversal of diseased body states caused by prolonged intense stress

1.5 hr session

2 Reiki Practitioners
55 Minutes of Reiki
20 Minutes Nap

Chakra Spinning


Aura Extention


each service per session

Best for those who would like additional assistance in recovery from dysfunctional energetic states of being.

Add-on Services

Chakra Spinning opens closed chakras and spins the chakra in the correct direction which helps the body function more optimally.

Aura Extension pulls a contracted Aura out and relieves and/or eliminates congestion in the Auric field.
Choose both to enhance your relaxation and rejuvenation experience as well as prolong the effects of the reiki session.