Taos River Gorge by Rachel Houseman

"I believe in an evolution of human consciousness which is occurring simultaneously with the evolution of the Earth itself. It is peaceful, spiritual, remarkable, synchronistic & unstoppable!"

Rachel Houseman, MA, LPC, LPAT, ATR-BC

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A Little Bit About The Integrative Wellness Foundation

The Integrative Wellness Foundation is a place where all are welcome who seek wholeness, wellness, introspection and rejuvenation of the Mind, Body and Spirit. We do things that work to bring you closer to who you are and what you want your life to be.

The Integrative Wellness Foundation is an Alternative Healing Cooperative. All of our Providers are Contractors; and, they are Certified in the modalities utilized; all Provider Certificates are on file in our Los Alamos office.

Greetings to all who are attracted to visit our website.  My name is Teisha Caldwell; and, I am the Executive Director of The Integrative Wellness Foundation.  Since 2009, I have resided and practiced Mental Health Therapy in the beautiful State of New Mexico. I specialize in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD); and, I am an expert with Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR). Earlier this year I became Certified to read Akashic Records as well as a certified Usui Reiki Master. I am also skilled with Chakra Cleansing and Rebalancing, Crystal Healing, Crystal Grid Creation, Essential Oil Consultation and a Certified Ho'oponopono Practioner.

The Integrative Wellness Foundation was born from my personal "wake-up fall" that occurred in San Francisco in October of 2017.  My "wake-up fall" happened after I procured a wheelchair service to assist me in getting through the airport as I had an outbreak of Gout that occurred while traveling. The lady pushing the wheelchair let go of it while beginning to push me down the ramp to get onto the plane. At the bottom of the ramp, I was ejected into the doorway of the plane; however, my arms and legs were spread outwards and prevented me from soaring through and knocking down the stewardess in from of me. I sustained ruptured discs in L1 through S1 spinal discs, left Triceps Rupture, Right Humorous bone was out of socket for seven weeks, Right Rotator Cuff Tear and an undetermined issue with my left knee.   The medical doctors either weren't willing to figure out how to fix me or they chose to not do it for whatever reason(s) they decided were right for them.  Since that time, I have been engaged in anything that could get me out of pain and improve healing outcomes. And, Reiki is one of the modalities that has helped the most to recover and improve my quality of life since my 'wake-up fall.' Additionally, as healing and body balancing modalities, we will be providing Pilates and Yoga in the near future.

My wish for anyone, who has been challenged with life and/or health issues, is to experience the relaxation and healing assistance that Reiki and associated modalities provides.


Rev. Teisha K. Caldwell, M.Ed., LPCC, Reiki Master/Teacher